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View Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers
. These collectible decorative salt & pepper shakers silently waiting in a corner ready to spice up the most exquisite dishes with a little humor and share looking to add some excitement to your meals? This unique salt and pepper shake comes in the form of two excessively cute cow shaped shakers with funny little holes on their heads.

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They're designed after the apple emojis with the love face and tears of laughter. Otagiri cat salt pepper shaker set. The pouring holes are located on top of the llama's head.

Vintage salt and pepper shakers:

Typically coming in sets, salt and pepper mills are often playful pairs and great conversation pieces. The product here is a salt and pepper shaker set in a unique and impressive design. Popular items for unique salt and pepper shakers. 35 creative and funny salt and pepper shakers pixel77.